Root Canal

So long as you practice good dental hygiene at home and see your dentist twice a year, most tooth that have had root canals can last you as long as intact teeth. However, sometimes, these treated teeth can fail over time. This can mean developing pain months, even years after treatment. Should this happen, the solution may be root canal retreatment.


Poor healing can be caused by numerous factors, including::

  • Narrow or curved canals not treated with the original root canal.
  • Complicated canal anatomy that the doctor was unable to detect during the first root canal.
  • Poor seal of the crown, allowing saliva and bacteria to enter the tooth.

Other cases that indicate root canal retreatment is needed are:

  • New decay that risks exposing the filing material.
  • A loose or broken crown.

For retreatment, the tooth must be reopened and the filling material removed so that the canals can be cleaned and the inside of the tooth examined. Once the canals are clean, they can be sealed with a temporary filling until your dentist creates a permanent one.