Our Dental Images Services

3D imaging has been a game-changer for dentistry in the past years. The ability to examine the oral cavity and anatomical structures in three dimensions has opened a whole perspective and approach in diagnosis, planning, treatment and follow-ups of most oral diseases. 


All the dental specialties have seen the benefits of cone beam computer tomography (CBCT).

With CBCT we are not limited to examine teeth and sinuses. We can also scan the temporomandibular junctions and airways enhancing our diagnostic capabilities beyond the oral cavity.

Our office is equipped with a Veraviewepocs 3D F80 CBCT scan from Morita that is able to acquire high quality CBCT and panoramic images.

With a reduced radiation dose technology, we can scan 3 different exposures areas to meet different diagnostic needs; from full arch scan that captures the maxilla and/or the mandible to a small field of view that captures a few number of teeth.

Veraviewepocs offers high resolution images of the canal space, the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone with short exposure times and low radiation exposure.

We welcome any panoramic and CBCT referrals from general practitioners and specialists for any of your dental planning and diagnostic needs.